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Lisa R & The Lucky Stars’ new album , “My Memories Are Made of Songs,” featuring the single “Leaving Texas,” is out and available wherever you download or stream music.

“From Port Lavaca, Texas, but clearly she’s nobody’s good ol’ gal…demonstrating a sensuous, sweaty grip.”

Ralph Novak, People Magazine

“Tough but melodic…with a Texas accent…straightforward originals balanced with some smart covers.”

Billboard Magazine

Lisa R and The Lucky Stars is what happens when you mix together music and musicians from North Carolina and Texas. Lisa R is a transplanted Texan and brought with her to Durham the varied types of music she grew up with: Tex-Czech Polkas, Tejano, Conjunto, Austin R&B & Cosmic Country and Texas Roadhouse Rock and Roll. When you add some of Durham’s best, Leslie Land (bass and backing vocals), George Hindenach (drums), and Elana Scheiner (cello), you get something mighty special.

We've finished our new album, My Memories Are Made of Songs, at Deep Sound Studio in Durham and it will be released on July 30th. Studio owner and engineer, Peter Kimosh, is the Co-Producer on this project and the Producer of The Lucky Stars’ new standalone single, ‘Pandementia,’ available now wherever you get your music.

The songs range stylistically from alt-country (“Leaving Texas,” “All of the Love Songs,” and “She’s Not For You”) to Americana (“The Letter Blank Pages” and “That’s Enough”) to pop rock (“My Memories Are Made of Songs,” “Starry Eyes” and “Take a Turn With Me”). A couple of the tunes, however, are hybrids, pointing to something new. “Where I Oughta Be” combines elements of rock power ballads and chamber music (and features Shana Tucker playing in her singular Chamber Soul style). “Later Than It Seems” (co-written by David Prather) is a mixture of Tejano drums and guitar, plus a country walking bass and pedal steel.

Lisa wrote six of the tunes and co-wrote a seventh with David Prather, who is featured on lead guitar on “She’s Not For You.” Also included is “The Letter Blank Pages” by NC Triangle songwriter Charles Latham, who was kind enough to play guitar on the track. Rounding out the songs are two tunes from legendary Texas artists, Willie Nelson (“She Not For You”) and Roky Erikson (“Starry Eyes” done Buddy Holly-style).

Brent Lambert did a spectacular job mastering. Joining us on the album were: Shana Tucker (cello), Nathan Golub (pedal steel), Larry Duckworth (drums), , Stephen Coffman (drums), Willie Painter (guitar), Omar Ruiz-Lopez (viola & cello), Mike Borstelman (mandola), Amy Bormet (accordion), Jim Crew (C-3 & accordion), Charles Latham (acoustic guitar), Lori Baron (drums), David Prather (electric guitar), George Hindenach (drums), and Mary Anne Barckhoff (electric guitar).

Please join us on our musical journey and we hope you’ll like our music. And get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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